One Newsletter to Publish It All! Almost.

I’ve been writing blog posts since 2003. Over a period of some 20 years I have used many different tools and platforms to publish my blog articles. Lately, though, I was dissatisfied with the “blogging experience” my static HTML website builder is providing. And so I started to use first medium and now substack. I have to admit: I like this platform much better than anything I tried in the past.

But, alas, I’ve come to substack late in my blogging life. That’s the reason, why some of my content is hosted still hosted on other platforms and my homepage And even on substack it’s fragmented — or better to say: modularized.

Nevertheless I’m trying to consolidate at least my “professional writing” here on substack now. My thoughts on software development in general and clean code development in particular have found a new home. And I might even throw in some more general thoughts on teamwork, management, or leadership once in a while.

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Greetings from the Bulgarian mountains!

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Lebt in den bulgarischen Bergen, wo er weit weg vom Trubel urbanen Lebens und westlichen Konsums viel Zeit hat, über allerlei nachzudenken und immer wieder neuen Projekten nachzugehen.